Miles 4 Madyson 10K race

The Miles 4 Madyson is a charity race held in my home town. The proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald house and the MACC fund.  So being a run for a good cause and a hometown event we were all excited to do this race. I signed up for the 10K and the children did the 5K.

One nice thing about the race was even though it was a small race it still had a packet pick up for the prior, I took advantage of that. We arrived early and just hung out until the start of the race. 

I didn’t look at the course prior to running it but I knew the 10K started 5 minutes before the 5K. I have ran in races before that did that and never liked it. I would have to weave towards the end as we would merge with the 5K people. This course really didn’t have that issue. It only combined for the last tenth of a mile. I had one group that was running 4 across that I had to go around but it really didn’t bother me. 

The course itself was nice, it was flat like almost all Wisconsin courses. I knew most of the roads since the town and small and at one point in time I have probably ran on every trail and road. It started heading on a route I run nearly every time I run because I just enjoy it.  After a while and a few turns we were on a trail. It met back up with a road and took us through the town. 

When the race started I was in 3rd place over-all and quickly found myself in 2nd. After the first mile I was wondering if I would take first over all. That was my goal after all. It took about another half a mile to take the lead and as the race went on my lead grew. By the end I was ahead by nearly a minute. My name was announced as I crossed the finish line with a time of 37:20, a new PR. 

This race was a lot of fun, well organized, and it will only get better. The people that set up this race are avid runners and have first hand experience and have done a great job so far. The kids all had a blast. Everyone received a finisher medal and now I am one step closer to next weeks marathon! 


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