The Next Big Race

It’s been a busy time lately. Not nearly as much running but life in general. I’m a couple days away from the first 10K of the year and a little over a week from the Cellcom Marathon!  So I have been taking it easy doing short easy runs. Rather then 65 miles this week I will be looking at 25-30 and probably fewer the following week. 

I have been looking forward to both races for a long time now for different reasons. I am almost certain I will PR by a lot in each. After all I have been working hard for over 6 months now. 

The 10K Miles for Madyson is a local small charity run. That alone makes it special, it is also one I could maybe win. I think the most important part for me is my family is going to be in it. Each child will be running with their own personal goals. It’s also somewhat short and it’s just for fun. Yes I have goals but I’m not trying to qualify for another 10k with this race. There will be people I know, friends and of course my family. 

Next is the Cellcom. That is a race I am nervously excited for.  I will be joining a new age group.  (35 for 2 days). A race that I have been training for months for, it is so long and so much involved it is just scary. I do feel very ready. My biggest fear is the weather. Right now reports show no rain with nice temps but wind. 

I am prepared, feeling good and ready to take on each of these events. It’s insane to know that my program is coming to an end, I have been focused for so long, put in so many miles and all that work will pay off as I cross the finish line during the Cellcom Marathon. Afterwards during my recovery time I will have to sit and think about everything and try and make changes to the old plan. If anything I am working new hours so the days need to change. Hopefully the times.  Hopefully I will meet my goal of a sub 3 hour marathon and I can reach for a new goal. 

I also ordered a new shirt!  I officially lost enough weight that large shirts don’t cut it anymore and I need a medium. Yes, I should have done it a while ago. 

Also the timing is good since I won’t be doing as many miles but it will still be strange. My best friend, running partner, Sven is going on vacation. He is going to be staying with a nice lady for a few weeks for some training. Hopefully when he returns he will have some better habits and will be able to have more freedom around the house. 


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