Taking a Look Back

This morning I completed my final run for the month of April. When I slowed to a walk I started to think to myself about this time last year. I have the same goal now as I did this time last year, a Boston qualifying time in the Cellcom Marathon. 

The nice thing and possibly scary thing about this digital world is one push of a button and whatever is your personal data is becomes out there for everyone. We do it everyday without even thinking about it. As I hit save run my miles were logged and the data hit the web.  I pull up my phone to see just where I was this time last year. My runs are faster, I finished the month off at 256 miles vs last years 140 and I have dropped about 15 pounds. 

I’m proud of my accomplishments, to get to where I am today though I had to fail many times.  This time last year I thought I would be walking away from the Cellcom Marathon with a Boston qualifying time. Instead I was hobbling away with a 3:38. Still a good time but not my goal, not what I set out to do. With each new goal and each mistake I had to learn to adapt, make corrections. 

It is important to look back and see just how far you have gone. I wish I tracked my runs when I first started. I didn’t because I was embarrassed, I didn’t like that it took me almost 25 min to complete 2 miles and that was as far as I was willing to go. Looking back though they were my miles and it was the beginning of this journey, it wasn’t something to be embarrassed about but something to be proud of. 

So in one week I begin to taper, two weeks I run a 10K, and in 3 weeks I run the Cellcom Marathon with the goal of crossing that line in under 3 hours. 

Regardless of the outcome I look forward to it, I am excited to continue this story and in a few months or a year look back and see where this journey has taken me. 


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