Welcome to the starting line

I wish I would have began this along time ago when it all first began.  After years of little activity and poor eating habits I decided I needed a change. I am aware it’s a story that has been told over and over again so I can skip that for now. 

Long story short, I did try to get back into running in years past and it would work for a few weeks or maybe even a couple months but it would never stick. So I needed a reason and that is where Sammy came into the picture. Sammy was my first Australian Shepherd. He was an amazing running partner.  Each day I just didn’t have the motivation to get out the door I would just look over at him and it would be enough to get my butt out that door. 

Now it’s running with Sven. Sadly Sammy had an enlarged heart and passed away. He was an amazing running partner and member of the family. Getting my shoes on and out the door grew harder and harder.  Not only did I not have my partner but each time I thought about running it would remind me of him. 

As time went on I knew I couldn’t just quit. I worked far to hard to get to where I was. I needed to use running to reflect on what I have and had rather then what I lost. I did manage to start doing that and after I was putting miles in consistently I still had something missing. It was my running buddy. Who else would be willing to get up at 3am with me. So we found Sven. Another wonderful and amazing Australian Shepherd. 

So now I am trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. In fact that marathon is coming up in a few weeks. So this is going to be the on going story of Sven and myself. Including other running news and tips about running with your doggy friend. 


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