Welcome to the starting line

I wish I would have began this along time ago when it all first began.  After years of little activity and poor eating habits I decided I needed a change. I am aware it’s a story that has been told over and over again so I can skip that for now. 

Long story short, I did try to get back into running in years past and it would work for a few weeks or maybe even a couple months but it would never stick. So I needed a reason and that is where Sammy came into the picture. Sammy was my first Australian Shepherd. He was an amazing running partner.  Each day I just didn’t have the motivation to get out the door I would just look over at him and it would be enough to get my butt out that door. 

Now it’s running with Sven. Sadly Sammy had an enlarged heart and passed away. He was an amazing running partner and member of the family. Getting my shoes on and out the door grew harder and harder.  Not only did I not have my partner but each time I thought about running it would remind me of him. 

As time went on I knew I couldn’t just quit. I worked far to hard to get to where I was. I needed to use running to reflect on what I have and had rather then what I lost. I did manage to start doing that and after I was putting miles in consistently I still had something missing. It was my running buddy. Who else would be willing to get up at 3am with me. So we found Sven. Another wonderful and amazing Australian Shepherd. 

So now I am trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. In fact that marathon is coming up in a few weeks. So this is going to be the on going story of Sven and myself. Including other running news and tips about running with your doggy friend. 


Miles 4 Madyson 10K race

The Miles 4 Madyson is a charity race held in my home town. The proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald house and the MACC fund.  So being a run for a good cause and a hometown event we were all excited to do this race. I signed up for the 10K and the children did the 5K.

One nice thing about the race was even though it was a small race it still had a packet pick up for the prior, I took advantage of that. We arrived early and just hung out until the start of the race. 

I didn’t look at the course prior to running it but I knew the 10K started 5 minutes before the 5K. I have ran in races before that did that and never liked it. I would have to weave towards the end as we would merge with the 5K people. This course really didn’t have that issue. It only combined for the last tenth of a mile. I had one group that was running 4 across that I had to go around but it really didn’t bother me. 

The course itself was nice, it was flat like almost all Wisconsin courses. I knew most of the roads since the town and small and at one point in time I have probably ran on every trail and road. It started heading on a route I run nearly every time I run because I just enjoy it.  After a while and a few turns we were on a trail. It met back up with a road and took us through the town. 

When the race started I was in 3rd place over-all and quickly found myself in 2nd. After the first mile I was wondering if I would take first over all. That was my goal after all. It took about another half a mile to take the lead and as the race went on my lead grew. By the end I was ahead by nearly a minute. My name was announced as I crossed the finish line with a time of 37:20, a new PR. 

This race was a lot of fun, well organized, and it will only get better. The people that set up this race are avid runners and have first hand experience and have done a great job so far. The kids all had a blast. Everyone received a finisher medal and now I am one step closer to next weeks marathon! 

The Next Big Race

It’s been a busy time lately. Not nearly as much running but life in general. I’m a couple days away from the first 10K of the year and a little over a week from the Cellcom Marathon!  So I have been taking it easy doing short easy runs. Rather then 65 miles this week I will be looking at 25-30 and probably fewer the following week. 

I have been looking forward to both races for a long time now for different reasons. I am almost certain I will PR by a lot in each. After all I have been working hard for over 6 months now. 

The 10K Miles for Madyson is a local small charity run. That alone makes it special, it is also one I could maybe win. I think the most important part for me is my family is going to be in it. Each child will be running with their own personal goals. It’s also somewhat short and it’s just for fun. Yes I have goals but I’m not trying to qualify for another 10k with this race. There will be people I know, friends and of course my family. 

Next is the Cellcom. That is a race I am nervously excited for.  I will be joining a new age group.  (35 for 2 days). A race that I have been training for months for, it is so long and so much involved it is just scary. I do feel very ready. My biggest fear is the weather. Right now reports show no rain with nice temps but wind. 

I am prepared, feeling good and ready to take on each of these events. It’s insane to know that my program is coming to an end, I have been focused for so long, put in so many miles and all that work will pay off as I cross the finish line during the Cellcom Marathon. Afterwards during my recovery time I will have to sit and think about everything and try and make changes to the old plan. If anything I am working new hours so the days need to change. Hopefully the times.  Hopefully I will meet my goal of a sub 3 hour marathon and I can reach for a new goal. 

I also ordered a new shirt!  I officially lost enough weight that large shirts don’t cut it anymore and I need a medium. Yes, I should have done it a while ago. 

Also the timing is good since I won’t be doing as many miles but it will still be strange. My best friend, running partner, Sven is going on vacation. He is going to be staying with a nice lady for a few weeks for some training. Hopefully when he returns he will have some better habits and will be able to have more freedom around the house. 

Taking a Look Back

This morning I completed my final run for the month of April. When I slowed to a walk I started to think to myself about this time last year. I have the same goal now as I did this time last year, a Boston qualifying time in the Cellcom Marathon. 

The nice thing and possibly scary thing about this digital world is one push of a button and whatever is your personal data is becomes out there for everyone. We do it everyday without even thinking about it. As I hit save run my miles were logged and the data hit the web.  I pull up my phone to see just where I was this time last year. My runs are faster, I finished the month off at 256 miles vs last years 140 and I have dropped about 15 pounds. 

I’m proud of my accomplishments, to get to where I am today though I had to fail many times.  This time last year I thought I would be walking away from the Cellcom Marathon with a Boston qualifying time. Instead I was hobbling away with a 3:38. Still a good time but not my goal, not what I set out to do. With each new goal and each mistake I had to learn to adapt, make corrections. 

It is important to look back and see just how far you have gone. I wish I tracked my runs when I first started. I didn’t because I was embarrassed, I didn’t like that it took me almost 25 min to complete 2 miles and that was as far as I was willing to go. Looking back though they were my miles and it was the beginning of this journey, it wasn’t something to be embarrassed about but something to be proud of. 

So in one week I begin to taper, two weeks I run a 10K, and in 3 weeks I run the Cellcom Marathon with the goal of crossing that line in under 3 hours. 

Regardless of the outcome I look forward to it, I am excited to continue this story and in a few months or a year look back and see where this journey has taken me.